Installing Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S7 edge and it has toppled the mobile market by bringing a superb user experience and whole new innovation. After a while of wait comes the SuperMan Nougat custom ROM with a whole new bunch of features that makes it much smoother, faster and much more stable. … [Read more...]

How To Install Marshmallow On Samsung Galaxy On7

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How to root Samsung Galaxy On7 without a PC

I'm sure you are desperate to root Samsung Galaxy On7 without a PC. This is a great phone for its price and rooting it means you can improve its performance even further. Samsung Galaxy On7 was released in the last quarter on 2015. The phone has dual sim, capacitive touch-screen, and runs … [Read more...]

Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (International Exynos Variant) – 100% Working

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How to Update Samsung Galaxy S6 – OTA and Manual Method

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Install SuperStock COKC Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

 If you own a T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge+, then you can easily upgrade it to SuperStock COKC Custom ROM. The current version of this ROM is 2.9 and it works like a breeze on S6 Edge+ devices. This tutorial will help you to install SuperStock COKC Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. Who … [Read more...]

Install Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

If you won Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you'd definitely want to install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The default ROM is great, especially if you like Samsung's interface, but you'd want to upgrade. The easiest way to upgrade this phone to Lollipop is to install a ROM based on Lollipop. Today, you … [Read more...]

Unlock Bootloader Samsung Galaxy J7 Using Modaco Superboot

There are numerous reasons to unlock bootloader Samsung Galaxy J7. For example, you might want to try a custom ROM or want to root Samsung Galaxy J7. Whatever your reason to unlock the phone, this tutorial will help you get it done within a minute. This is an easy-to-follow tutorial. However, it … [Read more...]

How to root Samsung Galaxy J7

If you own Samsung Galaxy J7, there is every reason to root it. Once you root Samsung Galaxy J7 , you can get a lot more out of your phone. For example, you can increase battery life, improve system speed and even change the way your core Android system looks. Although this rooting won’t change … [Read more...]

How to unroot Samsung Galaxy J5

If you own a Samsung Galaxy J5, you might want to check System Updates. The company is offering new updates for this phone that many owners would love to get without having to flash their phone. However, if you have rooted your device, you can’t get OTA updates until you unroot Samsung Galaxy … [Read more...]