How to install Cyanogenmod 12.1 on Moto X Play

One of the advantages of rooting any Android device is the ability to install custom ROMs on it. If you have rooted Moto X Play smartphone you might know that you are now open to install custom ROMs on the device. There are a lot of custom ROMs available for the Moto X Play, and one of the best ROM’s which you can install on the device is Cyanogenmod 12.1. CyanogenMod 12.1 is based on Android Lollipop and helps in increasing the performance on the Moto X Play. The device will give stock vanilla android interface that ensures that you get the best battery to install cyanogenmod 12.1 on moto x play

If you want to install Cyanogenmod 12.1 on Moto x Play you need to root your device first. Follow the guide shared below which will help you to install Cyanogenmod 12.1 on Moto X Play.

WARNING: We are not responsible for any damages –if done- to your smartphone while rooting, flashing. Your device might get bricked; SD cards might get corrupted if you have not followed the proper steps. You are following this tutorial at your risk.


Before we tell you how to install CyanogenMod 12.1 Rom on Moto X Play, a few things need to be fulfilled. We have mentioned these things below.

  • Create a full backup of all the data which is present on your Moto X Play smartphone.
  • USB Debugging should be activated on your Moto X Play smartphone. Go to Settings > Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging from here.
  • Check the battery of your Moto X Play. It should be having more than 80% of battery present in it.
  • Make sure the USB drivers are installed of your Moto X Play smartphone on your computer.
  • You should have root access on your device and also a recovery should be installed. Follow the guide to root Moto X Play.


  • Download ROM file from this link
  • Download GAAP from this link

How to install CyanogenMod 12.1 Rom on Moto X Play

  1. First of all, you have to connect your Moto X Play smartphone and copy both the ROM file and GAAP in the internal memory of your device.
  2. Once you have copied, switch off your smartphone and enter the recovery mode. Press Volume Down + Power button and you will enter recovery mode of Moto X Play.
  3. Go to Wipe section and wipe cache and dalvik cache.
  4. Press back option and now go to Install
  5. Browse the ROM file and then tap on it. Swipe to flash and it will take around 2-3 minutes to flash the custom ROM on your Moto X Play smartphone.
  6. Once flashed, browse the GAAPS file that you copied and flashed it just like you flashed the ROM file.
  7. Once the flashing is done, perform dalvik and cache wipe and reboot your Moto X Play.

You have successfully installed CyanogenMod 12.1 Rom on Moto X Play. If you are having any doubts or queries, use the comments section to clear them out.


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