How To Install PMP Light ROM On Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 Smartphone

If you have tried to update your Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 smartphone by using CyanogenMod 10.1; obviously you were failed, due to fake build and baseband problem. Still, if you are looking for some other custom ROMs to install on your phone, you are advised to install the KyleOPEN ROM or PMP ROM.

In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how to install the PMP light ROM 10.5 on your Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 smartphone. Full credit goes to the XDA senior member Mohitash. He is the one who developed this ROM for GT-S7562 smartphone.

Install PMP Light ROM On Samsung Galaxy S Duos


1.Before get into the actual procedure to install the PMP light ROM on your phone; first make sure you have rooted your phone and also installed the CWM recovery on your phone.

2.Next make sure your phone battery percentage level is not less than 75-80%.

3.Next backup all your data’s which are available on your Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 smartphone by using the appropriate backup applications.

4.Please readily have the stock/official firmware; in case if you get into any problem while updating the PMP light ROM, you can get back your original software by updating them.

5.Enable the USB Debugging mode on your phone by following the path Settings > Manage Applications > Development > USB Debugging -check box

Disclaimer: We are not the developers of this ROM. So if any damage occur to your phone while performing this tutorial please don’t blame us. Do, everything at your own risk.

Although rooting your device isn’t essential for this ROM installation, it is safe to root it so that nothing goes wrong. You can do it by following the video tutorial given below.

Instructions For Flashing PMP Light ROM:

For First Time:
1.It is better to do a clean installation of a ROM always.

2.First make sure you are on the baseband S7562DDBMD1. If not, then download and flash it via Odin. Even, if you are on baseband S7562XXBMD6, you can use this ROM.

3.Next download the PMP Light ROM v10.1 and PMP light ROM v10.5 update package.

4.Once you downloaded the package just copy them into your SD card.

5.Switch off your phone. Boot into the clockworkmod recovery by pressing and holding the Volume Up button, Volume Down button, Home button and Power button simultaneously until you boot into the recovery.

6.After that wipe the data cache, dalvik cache and battery stats. To navigate to the options use Volume up and down button. For selecting the options use Power button.

7.Next install the PMP light ROM v10.1 file which you have already copied on your SD card.

8.Finally reboot your device by selecting the “Reboot system now” option. Please note that the first reboot after installing the PMP light ROM will take some time. So, wait until patiently.

9.Now boot into the recovery mode again by following the same steps as mentioned above and delete the caches and battery stats.

10.Next, install the PMP Light ROM v10.5 Update package.

11.Reboot again and enjoy!

The above mentioned instructions are to flash your Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 Smartphone by using PMP light ROM v10.5 version for the first time. If you are already running PMP Light ROM and want to upgrade it to the new version, follow the given below instructions.

Procedure To Upgrade

1.First make sure you have installed the previous version (PMP light ROM). Please be informed that without the lower version, you cannot update to the next version.

2..Next download the PMP Light ROM v10.5 update package from here.

3.Once you have downloaded, just copy the updated package to your phone SD card.

4.Next reboot your phone to CWM recovery by pressing and holding the Volume Up button, Volume down button, Home button and Power button.

5.Next wipe the cache and dalvik caches.

6.After that install the updated package (PMP Light ROM v10.5 version) which you have already copied on your SD card.

7.Reboot and enjoy!

Once the process is finished, reboot the phone by selecting the “Reboot system now” option. As usual, the first reboot after installing the ROM will take sometime to boot. So, wait until; please do not disturb the process by pressing the keys on your phone.

Here are the some screenshots for you:

Screenshot_GT-S7562-PMP Light ROM-1

Screenshot_GT-S7562-PMP Light ROM-2

Screenshot_GT-S7562-PMP Light ROM-3

Screenshot_GT-S7562-PMP Light ROM-4

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  1. i install this rom itsvery nice but one problem my mobile have no sim card signal my mobile is samsung galaxy s duos gt s 7562

  2. Dev Mohitash says:

    Try different baseband

  3. Awesome from. Only one question how can I disable menu pressing vibration

  4. Thanks Bro It’s Working Perfectly . 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. shekizhar says:

    when my s duos following the method vol-up + vol-down + home + power
    my device is simply vibrateing i con’t get the recovery mode

  6. Hi, have you unlocked the bootloader?

  7. Is this rom work on baseband version S7562DDBNE1

  8. Yes it will work!

  9. Thank u
    this rom is just awesome.There is no lag. interface is so good
    U saved my phone

  10. How to unlock bootloader?i searched and searched and i just cant find anything..need help!!

  11. S7562DXBMJ1 Is this rom work on baseband version

  12. Will V10.5 work for S7562DDBNE1. Because I am facing data frequent disconnection issue with 9.0. Kindly reply back

  13. Not able to download the PMP light ROM from google drive. It is downloading around 323mb and then it says faild to download. please help

  14. Please help. not able to download from google drive. it says download failed.

  15. Hi,

    Try again. It should work!

  16. Hi Satish, thanks i have downloaded and installed the PMP light V7 and updated to V9. Now how to install V10.1 full version and V10.5 update. whether I can update directly to V10.5 without V10.1 installing. Please help me.

  17. manojdevender says:

    does this work for S7562DDBMJ1 baseband

  18. Yes it does!

  19. Hi Satish, thanks i have downloaded and installed the PMP light V7 and updated to V9. Now how to install V10.1 full version and V10.5 update. whether I can update directly to V10.5 without V10.1 installing. Please help me.

  20. how to unlock it?

  21. Install ADB drivers and then use fastboot to unlock bootloader.

  22. flash

  23. 7562

  24. hi. is ths work on S7562DDBNE1?? plz tell me fast?

  25. Yes it does. Install this ROM and I am sure you will love it.

  26. How heavy is this ROM please

  27. Can this ROM work with S7562GSMH baseband?

  28. wil it work on S7562DDBNE1 BASEBAND please reply………

  29. Yes it does.

  30. Yes it does. Even if it doesn’t, download the baseband ROM I have given here, flash it and the follow the tutorial.

  31. Hi Sathish, first of all I will thank you for your special work.
    I’ve just installed pmp light on my s7562 to speed it and soon I see it to jump but, my play store don’t recognize me. I try to access with my google account but it say that id and pswd don’t correspond, but on my pc google recognize my.
    Any suggestions?
    May be with pmp ultra I can solve this?
    Thanks a lot for your answer
    Miky San

  32. Hi,

    Uninstall and reinstall Google Play store. It will surely work.

  33. Shashikantha says:

    Dear Mohitash / Sathishkumar Varatharajan, thanking you guys in advance. for Almost 5 Months i am Trying to Root and Install Custom ROM as Explained by Programers/Developers, but Failed either their Link is Not available /Removed etc. Signature Problem is always a common error while doing so. But Nobody bothered about to Give step by step way to Do it. Would you please explain is it necessary to Update the BASE BAND firmware before putting any custom ROM, and also is there any way by which these steps can be dome with a click of mouse. Or at least please suggest me step by step procedure for My s7562 which have BASE BAND S7562DDBNE1 (India).
    Awaiting/Anticipating eagerly for your Reply

  34. Update your Base Band firmware to the one given here and follow this tutorial. You will be able to install the ROM without any errors.

  35. Shashikantha says:

    Dear Sir, Thanking you for Reply
    The base band file Location is Not Valid and the , ODIN is Not Valid Location, Only i could Download PMP Light ROM v10.1, please tell me now what to do !!??.

    Thanking you once again

  36. How to clean dalvik cache.iam not seeing any option in recovery mode

  37. If you are in the CWM recovery mode, you will see dalvik cache.

  38. Will it works on basebandS7562XXBMJ1

  39. I am not sure but even if it doesn’t work, upgrade your device to the baseband mentioned in this tutorial and then follow the procedure.

  40. I tried different rom but all had bugs. This rom is superb. There is no lag.
    Very good work by u !!!

  41. sir’ i have installed a custom rom on my gt s7562 which is sgs5 experience rom and now i want to install my original rom on my phone but i dontdo this with my pc bcoz my phone usb jack is damaged plz sir tell me what to do

  42. Well, you have to change your Phone USB Jack. Or else, you won’t be able to connect your device to the computer at all.

  43. Thanks man! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying this ROM.

  44. Hi! mine works fine, theres no prob so far. Flashed my phone 5mins ago.. 😀

  45. aw one more thing… thanks alooooooooot!!!

  46. inderjeet says:

    i hv never root my mobile gt s7562.. explain the full procedure.. my baseband version is S7562DDBNE1. Plz reply.. thankz in advance

  47. hey …someone has format my system whether this will help me to install new os.. i hve clockworkmod recovery ..

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