How To Update Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562 With Android 4.2.2 Jellybean

Note: I have updated the tutorial with SilverNexus ROM which will update your Samsung Galaxy S Duos to Android 4.2.2 Jellybean. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562 user and looking for a best tutorial to update your device with android 4.2.2 Jellybean, then follow this tutorial. Below, I have given the step-step-instructions to update Galaxy S Duos with Android 4.2.2 using SilverNexus ROM along with the quick per-requisites.

The official android 4.2.2 Jellybean firmware is not yet released for this specific device. But don’t worry, as you can update the same manually by installing the SilverNexus ROM on your smartphone.

Update Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562 With Android 4.2.2

Some of the best features of this SilverNexus ROM are given below:

1) Google Edition, Samsung, CM9 Imported and AOSP are imported.

2) Custom boot sound and images.

3) Overclock Kernel.

4) Built In Flash player (If not, you have to follow this tutorial to install Flash player).

So, installing the SilverNexus ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562 will allow you enjoy the benefits of the Jellybean environment.

Note: Please note that this procedure will work only on the Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 smartphones with baseband version XXBMD6. So, if you device is on different base ROM, download the above mentioned ROM and install it using Odin. Also, don’t try it on another device. If you do so it will definitely brick your phone. So, just make sure of your device model and then follow the tutorial.

Disclaimer : This procedure will void your device warranty and also have some risks; if anything goes wrong by following this tutorial we will not be held responsible/liable.


1) This procedure will wipe all your internal data’s. So, before attempting this procedure take a full backup by using appropriate applications.

2) The data’s I mentioned here include SMS, MMS, Call register, Contacts, Apps, your previous ROMs, CWM/TWRP recovery (in case if you already have) etc.

3) And also copy your images, songs, files, videos etc to your SD card so then it will be safe.

4) After that note down your MMS settings and APN settings somewhere either by manually or by using any backup applications. Because, there is a chance to wipe those settings too while updating.

5) Once you have taken the backup of everything uninstall the antivirus apps both on your computer and your Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562 smartphone; as this may interrupt the updating process.

6) Then enable the USB debugging mode on your phone; so then it can easily communicate with the computer as it is important to download the zip files. If you don’t know how to enable that option then follow our tutorial on “How to enable the USB debugging option in all android smartphones“.

7) Next just check whether your Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562 was rooted with the help of “Root Checker” app. Since this is a custom ROM firmware you cannot update your device without rooting.

8) Then download the appropriate USB driver for this model and install the same on your Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562. Check this article to know how to install the USB driver.

9) Finally, check the battery percentage level of your phone and if it is less than 80% then let them to charge fully.

Upon finishing with the prerequisites, take a break and then move on to the flashing tutorial.

Tutorial To Update Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562 With Android 4.2.2 Jellybean:

1) First, download KyleOpen ROM package to your computer. Extract it and save the extracted files in a folder.

2) Next, switch off your device and boot into the download mode. You can do this by holding the Volume Down button, Home button and then by pressing the Power Button.

3) Now, open Odin from the extracted files, click on PDA button and choose the “kyleopen-cwm5-v3.tar.md5″ file.

4) Once done, connect your smartphone to the computer using original USB data cable. Once connected, your device will be displayed as a COM port in Odin. Don’t bother about it. Just press the Start button and the flashing will begin.

5) Once the flashing get’s completed, your device will reboot automatically. Odin will say that the flashing is successful and asks you to restart your device. This results in the number of flash counter and you will see a warning message in orange color in your display. Don’t get panicked as this is normal. Now restart your Galaxy S Duos and boot into the normal mode.

6) Now download SilverNexus ROM v1.01b and SilverNexus 1.4 Update package to your computer. Connect your device again to the computer and transfer these files to the SD card. Once done, disconnect your device from the computer.

7) Now, boot into the recovery mode by pressing the Volume Up, Volume Down, Home and Power buttons simultaneously. Once in recovery mode, choose “Install Zip from SD card” and choose the SilverNexus ROM v1.01b. The installation process will begin and once it gets completed, reboot your device normally.

8) Now again, boot into the recovery mode and follow the same steps as explained before to install the SilverNexus 1.4 Update package.

9) Once done, reboot normally.


Galaxy S Duos Android 4.2.2

SilverNexus ROM Android 4.2.2

That’s it! Now, you successfully installed the SilverNexus ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562 which will be running on Android 4.2.2 JellyBean. Here after, you can enjoy almost 99% Jellybean features.

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  1. madaviomprakash says:

    my phone is sumsung galaxy s duos gt-s7562

    i install CWM ,when restart my phone my phone is hard brick

    can’t on phone and not show charging

    plz any solution give me.

    • ya sure, will tell shortly

    • hey try to unroot your phone and see what happens

      • @Sathish Did you read what is said ?

        “can’t on phone and not show charging” then how you are asking him “try to unroot your phone”

        • areeb mirza says:

          hey bro,,, did you tried to install the stock rom in it,,,, as u hv already mentioned that your phone is not showin charging but still connect it to your computer and see if odin recognise it,,, once if odin recognize it,, then you can successfully flash your stock rom back and make it working… :)

  2. Hi,

    Is it really possible to have a custom rom 4.2.x version in s7562??

    Can you plz give screen shot of the version page in duos and also plz upload the rom 4.2.2 since i have tried lot of rom named as 4.2.2 jellybean for s duos and no use of it..

  3. does it always have the dual sim function?

  4. PLEASE update screenshots

  5. gaps file is working another one is not working cm 10.1 gives error

    • hi sachin, the developer is updating the software and due to that it is not working. Once the update is finished. I will post the same here. So, please wait until.

  6. Sir… i used almost root apps for my phone(sduos-gts7562) but not rooted.
    I use ur apps like eroot,framroot,unlockroot there is no use -eroot an eroor occured and in unlock root it say rooted but my phone didnot rooted plz help me.
    also i try odin budt at that time my phone’s rom odin could’nt recognised… :'(
    help me.. i’m waiting…

    • Are you using the stock cable for the phone? and are you plugged into a USB port that is connected to your motherboard? If not then try again.

  7. same problem as sachin and also not working google applications
    gaps file is working but 10.1 gives error how many time takes developers

  8. Hi Sathish, any news on this? Probably like most, I’d like to see at least a couple of success stories with screenshots/video before I try it myself. Quite a few people seem to have bricked their phones with bad tutorials out there.

    Anyhow, the stock 4.0.4 ROM isn’t all that sluggish if one disables the bloatware…and maybe Samsung finally will decide to give S7562 an update to Jelly Bean.

  9. root uninstall app is available in Play store. So, try that to uninstall the gapps

  10. Hi Satish,

    “CM 10.1 zip file” file is not download showing error .
    Please help me how to download this file .

  11. plz upload a screenshot of the rom on the phone so its confirmed that it will work thank you :)

  12. Hellblazer says:

    PLEASE DON’T try to FLASH your GT-S7562 devices with this file, it’s for Galaxy S devices only, it has a completely different architecture, there are plenty of stock modified roms available for your device, like PMP rom, KyleOpen etc. use those instead, for the jellybean or kitkat update, you’ll just have to wait a little more. Flashing this rom may HARD BRICK your device.

  13. Pavan kalyan says:

    iam here to ask for screenshots or else installation video.
    •is it perfomance will increase or it will continues the laggy!
    °most of the sites says that cyanozen doesnt develop a rom for dual sim phone what u say about it …..
    Thanks in advance..
    waiting for reply :)

    • Yes Pavan, they were right. Cyanogen and Jellybean ROM are not yet developed for the Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562 smartphone. But some other ROMs like KyleOpen ROM, PMP ROMs are available. So, use can make use of that on your device. Please see the update in my post for other details.

  14. Cmr 10.1 hata E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed

    • Hi Umit! please don’t use the CMR 10.1 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S Duos-S7562 smartphone. The proper custom ROM (cyanogen Mod, Jellybean) for this device is not yet developed. So, you are advised to try some other ROMs like KyleOpen ROM or PMP ROM.

  15. hi. .do u have any idea when wil the official jelly bean update wil be provided for samsung galaxy s duos s7562. .

  16. Pavan kalyan says:

    -¢ iam increased my galaxy s duos s7562 cpu speed to 1ghz to 1.3ghz with a kernel now my android is running so fast i can play games like subway,pitfall,highway rider,templerun without any struck what iam trying to ask is does it will effect the battery or not
    -£ i want to install linux on my android s7562 but it will need minimum 3.5 gb in internel memory what should to do i had partioneed my memord card and gave addition 4gb to internel but the mount point is not there to copy paste the linux file ???
    -? how to copy files, mp3 ,other data on externel partioned internal memory….iam unable to see the mount point were it is located…..


    wAiTiNg fOr YoUr rEPlY…
    thanks in advance:)

    • buddy to find the mount point of a partition, you will first need to know the path of the partition. So, first find that. One small clue for you. The path of the partition always ends with the number.

      Just see this tutorial for further info.

    • Hellblazer says:

      The best way(easiest) to increase internal storage would be to swap internal memory with external, to do that you just have to flash this zip file via cwm, “h tt p : // doc gle. co m/file/d/0B_N LqfSyZfYA ekYx RXNYUmtwM2s/edi t?us p=sharing&pl i=1 ” (remove spaces), It was developed for KyleOpen roms, it will work perfectly with PMP roms as well, visit this thread for more info “″.

  17. Isn’t it about time you delete this page so that you don’t give anyone else false information and tutorials that brick peoples their phones?

    Just sayin’…

    • That’s why i highlight the update at the top of the post. Once the user read the update they won’t go further.

  18. Hi Bro,
    I am using GT-S7562 with ICS 4.0.4.
    All my installing app are storing in SDCard, where I have 8 GB External SDCard.
    I have rooted my mobile and used Directory Bind (But no use).
    Installed App2SD III, (can’t move to external sdcard)
    used terminal command to change location to 2, (Not luck)

    Can you please provide help regarding this,

  19. Hi Bro,
    I am using GT-S7562 with ICS 4.0.4.

    Please notify when KitKat 4.4 can be install in it.


  20. muhammed subair says:

    sr my hand set s7562 4.04 iwant update 4.2.2 plse helpme

  21. Pavan kalyan says:

    Thanks 4 reply:)

    i had decreased my dpi density from 240 to 225 ((iam happy with this density)) now iam getting error flose close with internet app …how to solve this bug

    iam unable to locate the mount point of sdext 2nd partion .. .i used ex file explorer,root browser…give me steps to check the mount point or path

  22. Sir,
    I m using samsung galaxy s duos GT 7562….plz guide me hoe to increase my cpu speed from 1ghz to more…as sm games like temple run oz n subway lags during play…
    Thanking u in advance..

  23. Pavan kalyan says:



  24. sir, i wanna update my my mobile. s duos-7562 … from ic.sand. to jelllybean..
    how can i do this ???
    is there any harmful effect on mobile after updating???

  25. Dear Sathish,
    Please help me to root my S duos for higher version to jelly bean or kit kat.

  26. Rajeev kumar says:

    Dear sir

    i have hand set s7562 android version 4.0.4 but let me know that, is increase speed of hand set s7562 after update from version 4.0.4 to 4.2.2 jellybean

  27. IN TRouble says:

    I have updated my phone but am nt able to connect to wifi bluetooth and the sim card is not reading.It is a other file ive there a way to fix it?

  28. IN TRouble says:


  29. IN TRouble says:

    But there seems to be a problem cuz i cant enter download mode or clockworkmode using the buttons because i installed another ROM and my phone just shows an animation of samsung and stays like that.
    Is there a way i can fix it.

    This is the Rom i my phone:

    • Whatever ROM you install, tapping the keys will get you into the download or recovery mode. If you can’t get in there, then your phone is hard bricked. Get it to a local Samsung center and ask them unbrick it.

  30. please send the download link

  31. my phone is gt-7562 and i try to install SilverNexus ROM v1.01b and SilverNexus 1.4 Update package but its always signature verification failed what shall i do pls help me

  32. hi satish,
    will i be able to move/install apps to external sd card on my s-7562 once i install this? device is already rooted.
    please help

  33. sir,
    i am using the DDBNE1 baseband version AND this ROM shows signature verification failed again n again wat should i do pls help me

  34. Is this update package works on baseband version S7562DDBNE1

  35. Sir
    I upgraded it into XXBMD6 but it still shows sign verific fail…????

  36. Sir
    i update silverNexus rom v1.0b1.
    but i need ice crea,m sandwich 4.0.4 back..
    plz help me..

  37. can u tell me how to update to the newest version of android mine is s7564 4.0.4 DDBNE1 and suggest me should I sell this mobile and buy new one or just keep it with me?

  38. Is it working or not ??
    now i am downloading silver rom 4 installing ??

  39. My baseband version is 7564 4.0.4 DDBNE1 and as per this tutorial it’s not possible to update to jelly bean.
    As u told i’ll have to update the custom rom first.
    How to update it?

  40. Really

  41. Sir…i have rooted my s duos successfully n verify with root checker..but still i cnt go in cwm recovery mod its only show system recovery..n i ddnt get Install zip from sd plz help me..

  42. chouhan indrajeet says:

    according to instruction same baseband version is required !!!

  43. can i change my android device id …i am using s7562????

  44. rutvik kshirsagar says:

    hey bro i have installed the rom ..after installing my phone got a new look …but the phone in device mode says that the isntalled version is 4.0.4 where as it should show 4.2.2 ..plz give me a quick solution

  45. Thanks Sathish I have successfully upgraded my device from 4.0.4 to 4.2.2 by following the instructions. Are there already updates of Kitkat OS suitable and safe for S7562? If yes please let me know, thanks in advance.

  46. I have tried this but unfortunately my phone just become galaxy nexus with 4.0.4 . not 4.2.2

    • Is it showing SilverNexus ROM in the about phone screen? Have you downloaded the right package?

      • Hi
        I install by your steps, and when i finish it show model number GT-S7562, android version 4.0.4 built number silvernexus ROM v.1.0b1, when i finish it show model number galaxy nexus, android version 4.0.4 built number silvernexus ROM v.4… how can i have version 4.2.2

      • yes it just become galaxy nexus not android 4.2 . and the dual sim feature is gone so i have to flash stock firmware

  47. hey i need your help to root my samsung galaxy s duos and update it to jellybean but i have some doubt regarding baseband version and all pls help me

  48. abdul adil says:

    at the time of update from sd card it giving error
    “verifying package error”
    now what to do any help

  49. When i perform step 7 the mobile starts in
    android recover mode and there is no
    option “install zip from sd card”. Rather it
    shows an option “Update from external
    source”. When i choose this option it
    shows the zip file that i have placed in
    external card. When i run this file en
    error message occur “E: verify signature
    failed”. Please plzzzzzzzzz tell how to overcome this

  50. Ahmed Abdul Salam says:

    Can we update our devices in future after having this installation in our phone..?

  51. Ahmed Abdul Salam says:

    when i try to install it says Signature verification failed..?! installation aborted. !??!

  52. I try to download silvernexus ROM v1 zip but it downloads exe file contains FILESIZE ONLY 1.18 MB…TRIED MANY TIMES BUT KEEP ON COMING in same filesize i couldn’t get 418 mb file as well as same for update packege 1.4 … help me out

  53. I tried the same link but it downloading exe file only that contains 1.18 mb instead of 418 mb of zip file… i tried it in different browser also but couldn’t get it …if u having that file can u please share that file in google driveso that i can download it thru my mail : … help me

  54. Hi sathish kiindly reply fast … help me

  55. is this rom works in GT-s7562 with baseband version S7562xxlh6

  56. Hi sathish y no response for my questions.. kindly reply ASAP…. Also i need your mail to contact personally for project development

  57. i cant enter into odin downloading mode..The problem is that the phone will NOT go into download mode. When I press and hold the vol down/menu/power buttons I go into a Factory mode instead of download mode – the following options are available in this mode
    : Full Test
    Item Test
    Test Report
    Clear eMMC..

    Pls help..wat to do

  58. My SDuos shows this in download mode:

    Custom Binary Download: No

    As a result, the COM port in Odin shows nothing. Please help ASAP.

  59. javed alam says:

    i have update my s dous…but androaid version is not upgrade….its still 4.04..why?..everythings is change….

  60. Satish, please do reply to this. I am facing a huge problem.I have installed and it’s update too. but it shows show model number GT-S7562, android version 4.0.4 built number Silvernexus ROM v.1.0b1.
    You have instructed to “repeat the same steps as above”. Please clarify. Do I need to repeat all the steps from 3 to 6?
    Or do I just go into recovery mode and install the update zip file again (as I had done previously).

    PLEASE reply.

  61. babul kr. says:

    My mobile is Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
    How to update my phone v2.3.6

  62. Dheeraj JAdhav says:

    Thanks sir..!!It worked..

  63. Hi Sabir,
    Silvernexus ROM doesn’t upgrade your s duos to 4.2.2 jellybean… the blog posted by sathish is not working, its fake…if u done this your mobile turns to galaxy nexus…i tried all ROM the best ROM I SUGGEST IS PMP Light ROM by Mohitash … smoothsness,performance everything is fine…

  64. Lean Eddy says:

    I installed it successfully on my phone but keep showing “The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with valid sim card inserted. I can’t make nor receive calls. Pls any assistance for me?

  65. hi, which rom is best for fast working experience.

  66. Please Help I Did Every Thing But It Showed To Me That The Version Still 4.0.4 And The Number Of The Phone Not GT S7562 But It’s Galaxy Nexus

  67. Its Not Wrkng Properly…& Not Upgrade To jellybean….and Also i cant Use my Phne….Always Shows Netwrk Prblm…and Restrtng

  68. u better try the app called iRoot .. it’s so easy.

  69. How to get back original ics virsion
    I was install cyangon mod but I don’t like that I rigret after install
    Plz help me how to delete cyangone mod
    From Samsung s-7562
    Plz sir help me

  70. Sir I cant find ex. File
    Also csc file
    Can u explane me plz

  71. Iam useing samsung 7562 my andriod version is 4.0 .can i update 4.2.2 jelly been ha How is it the process tell me plz….

  72. magudeswaran says:

    Hi my mobile WiFi not open please reply

  73. Hi… i try to change may baseband like it said on the tutorial before may baseband is s7562xxbmj1 then after i flash i got s7562xxbmd4, but the problem as you say sir that the rom works only in the baseband s7562xxbmd6. my question is how would i upgrade in s7562xxbmd6 baseband when i Download the link on that tutorial and gave me s7562xxbmd4.

    THNX for the answers guys…..

  74. hi there sir does this rom works on baseband DXBMJ1??

  75. sir i install the ROM bus instead of 4.2.2 the android OS is 4.0.4 it doesnt change? how was it? i follow everything and install it correctly but its not JELLY BEAN still ICS Android

  76. HY I need to flash my gts7562 but i didnt get for my country my country is ethiopia can u help me pls

  77. hy satish pls tell me the website of international rom

  78. Hi everybody.
    After installing this Kyle Open ROM, status shows indeed Android 4.0.4, Galaxy Nexus (??).
    Nevertheless this is the fastest, smoothest and most stable ROM for the Galaxy S Duos GT-7562 I’ve ever tried and I tried them all (Stock, PMP, Cosmic and others).

    So a big “thank you” for the developers.

  79. guyzzz,,,can any 1 tell me how to remove cyanogenmod on samsung galazy s duos 7562..plzz guyzzz,,,

  80. Akhalakh bhatt says:

    My files in system/lib is deleted my phone is not starting so please give me a solution.

  81. Shravan says:

    plz give screenshoot

  82. Im using SilverNexus rom v1.4
    Can i flash stock kernel 1.3GHz v1.1

  83. what are known issues with the jelly bean update since with the kitkat update, there are issues such as bluetooth and camera not working properly and network problems

  84. kentutay1423 says:

    sir can i flashed this rom on samsung s duos with baseband’ s572dxbmj1″it is compatible with this baseband?THNX IN ADVANCED

  85. I updated it into silver nexus rom but still it is showing icecream sandwich

  86. hii,
    my baseband version is->S7562DDBMJ1
    And build number is->IMM76I.S7562XXBMJ1….
    can this tutorial by you be useful for me. Im a mere begineer. Please help me….thnking u in advance.

  87. Hi sathish,I didn’t getting any message from sender.only i am recieving push messages.please help me……

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