Root Micromax A35 Bolt – [How To]

The Micromax A35 smartphone is one of the latest line of android smartphones. So, once you bought this phone and want to enjoy with that phone by extending it’s features; root this phone by following the given below tutorial. In this tutorial, I have given the very easy steps to root Micromax A35 bolt.

By rooting your android device; you can easily access the rooting required apps, flashing custom ROMs and flash recoveries etc. If you want to know more the advantages and disadvantages of rooting just go here and learn about that.

Micromax A35 Bolt Root Micromax A35 Bolt   [How To]

Before start to proceed with the given below procedure; please follow the given below pre-requisites.


  • First, backup your internal datas which was available in your smartphone. So, then if anything goes wrong you can easily recover them back with the help of backups.
  • Next copy the files, images, songs, videos etc… just copy them on the external or internal SD card.
  • After that uninstall the antivirus suites, firewalls etc.. both on your computer and the Micromax A35 bolt smartphones.
  • Next install the USB drivers on your computer. The USB drivers will automatically installed when you connect your phone for the first time. Don’t do anything; just connect the android phone without activating any special mode like USB storage, etc.
  • Wait for few minutes, you will taken to the setup to install the required drivers and wait for sometime until the process get completed. When you connect your phone at second time, you will see that all the drivers will be installed one by one. Once the process is finished; it will say “Finished installing the new device”.
  • Now, enable the USB Debugging Mode on your micromax a35 phone. If you don’t know, how to enable that option; just go to Settings > Development > USB Debugging and tick that option. That’s it. Now it will be enabled.
  • Finally, check the battery percentage level of your Micromax A35 smartphone and make sure it is not below to 75%. If the percentage of the battery level is low; let them on the charge and allow it to charge fully. So, then your android phone never get switched off during the middle of the rooting process due to low battery.

Disclaimer : Although, we have given the safe and easy procedure; something will go wrong if you do not follow them properly due to that your device may brick. So, follow the given below procedure properly at your own risk. We would not be held responsible for any damage.

Procedure to root the Micromax A35 smartphone:

  • Once downloaded the file; save them on your desktop.
  • After that connect your Micromax A35 smartphone to your PC by using the original USB cable.
  • Make sure you enabled the USB Debugging mode option and open the rooting tool which you have already downloaded and extract it on your computer.
  • Now, check the extracted files; and double-click the “RunMe.bat” file which you will find inside it.
  • A command window will open. Select the option “1″ to initiate the rooting process in the normal mode. Just, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Finally, you will prompted to tap the screen of your phone. After tapping the handset will be rooted, and a message will be displayed which says “Rooting is successful”.
  • After that you need to reboot the Micromax A35 smartphone. It won’t reboot automatically; so you need to do that manually.
  • After it was rebooted; you can find the Superuser app in your phone.

Congrats! Now you have successfully learnt how to root the Micromax A35 android phone. Enjoy!

About Sathish

Sathishkumar Varatharajan is a Internet Marketer and an avid Android addict. He has been using Android devices for the past four years and has plenty of experiences with rooting them. He will share all his experiences in the form of guides in here.


  1. How to root micromax bolt A40? Please some1 help me. I need to root my phone.

  2. Naman Distro says:

    Your Rootiing file is setted as private no1 can download it

    • hi dude, if it is not working then try the given below procedure. But for this you need to have Moborobo Android PC Suite and Unlockroot tool. In case, the Unlock root is not working or downloading/installing properly then use SRS root tool instead of that. This too works well.


      1. First, connect your phone to the computer and turn on the USB debugging mode. Windows will try to find the drivers but it will fail. So, start the moborobo pc suite, it will search for the devices and will auto install the drivers for your phone.
      2. Next, disconnect your mobile and exit the moborobo pc suite (just exit it from the status bar but don’t close it).
      3. Next, connect the phone again and start unlockroot or SRS root.
      4. Just click the root button, the unlockroot will automatically search for the device. Select the device.
      5. After that the rooting process will start and your phone will be rebooted.
      That’s it! After that you can see the SuperSu app in your app drawer.

  3. Pc suite not working

  4. Sir,when i connect my micromax a35 the drivers are not installed & no dailog box appear on screnn to install it drivers

  5. please help trying to root a35 last 2 days but no help tried almost every software….really got stucked please help me out..
    1.when using runme.bat its does not shows anything on my phone but command window says click restore on your phone..and it stuck over there.. clickroot says “failed to get shell root permission”
    3.srs tool says unlock your device screen and select frodo,or …….exploit. no idea what it means.

    also tried tried many other software but no help…is these device is rootable or not??

    • Hi, sahil this device is rootable only. Many people reported me that they had root access on this device. Do you have prior experience in rooting your mobile?

      If not so, get help from some experienced person. You have said the runme.bat file, oneclickroot and unlock root file doesn’t work for you.

      I understand your problem. Then Try out the SRS root tool. I hope this will work for you. See the comments at below. I have mentioned that tool there and gave instructions to root. So, just make a try and tell if it works for you.

      • i have tried srs tool(mentioned in my comment (3)) i have also tried unlookroot its says failed to get shell root permission..I havent root any device earlier but i am following your inst properly..dont know what to do next..

        • Finally my mobile is rooted…I have used VROOT to root my device and it worked for me..BTW thanx for ur help..

          • how did u root
            as a35 doesnt hav a clockwork mode
            n if u did …how did u install clockwork mode

  6. plz yaar dusra method bta do isse nhi ho ra h
    aur srsroot se bhi krke dekha wo bhi kaam nhi aaya

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