How To Update Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 to Android ICS 4.0.3

The Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 users can now update their smartphone with android ICS 4.0.3. Please be aware that this ROM is not for duos. So, don’t try to implement this procedure in that model. To follow this procedure you must have ClockWorkMod Recovery installed in your device.

Before proceed with the procedure, I highly recommend you to follow the pre-requisites. So, then you can update the ROM successfully.

How To Update Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 to Android ICS 4.0.3


1. Backup:

  • Before start to try this procedure, I highly recommend you to backup all your personal stuffs which includes: SMS,MMS,Contacts,Call history,Apps etc. If possible try to backup your APN Settings too (GPRS,MMS and 3G settings). To backup APN settings just go to “Application>Settings>Wireless and Network>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names”.
  • If you already have a custom recovery installed on your phone then we recommend you to take backup by using that since it creates a complete image of your existing phone setup.

2. Next charge your device fully or upto 75%. Because, if the battery level is low it will get Switched OFF suddenly while the ROM is updating. If it happens your phone might get bricked or dead permanently. So, to avoid that we recommend you to charge your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone fully.

3. Next enable the USB debugging mode in your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone is ticked (Check marked).

4. Next uninstall or disable the antivirus apps both in your computer and smartphone; otherwise it will interrupt with the updating process.

5. Make sure the ClockworkMod recovery is installed on your phone as I have already said.

DISCLAIMER: Follow the given below instructions properly. We should not be held responsible/liable if anything happens wrongly to your device. So, do everything at your own risk.

Procedure to Update Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 to Android ICS 4.0.3:

1. Initially, you need to download the ICS ROM from here to your computer.

2. Once you downloaded, connect your computer and Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone with the help of USB Cable.

3. After that copy the downloaded file onto your SD card root folder.

4. Next switch OFF your phone and enter into the recovery mode. To do that, you need to press Volume Up or Volume Down button. It get vary depend on the device and the ClockworkMod version you have already installed.

5. In the ClockworkMod recovery, open the mount and storage.

6. Next wipe the data by selecting “wipe data/factory reset” option.

7. After that go to the main recovery screen and select “install zip from SD card

8. Now, select the ICS ROM which you have placed in the SD card and start to install.

That’s it. Now, you have successfully upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone to Android ICS 4.0.3.

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  1. does it actually update d rom to ICS (4.0) or oly gives ics themed rom .

  2. it will actually update

  3. It will Really update or itwill be llike Ginger Break?

  4. Hey Admin !
    Is it a custom ROM ?

  5. yes, it is custom ROM only.

  6. yes it will really update the ICS 4.0.3

  7. we can degrade to 2.3.6 after updating……?

  8. Will the network work properly?

  9. networks says no signal 🙁

  10. i’m follow all the step given but then to start the phone after exit the recovery mode.. i’m detecting a problem to finish the start.. its stop and still display the galaxy y startup logo for quite a long period.?
    developer please help A.S.A.P

  11. where to get clockwork recoverymod

  12. AGUSTINUS says:

    Why after install ICS can’t detect wifi,network, audio,camera etc. thx

  13. Hi Jatin!

    1) Download the clockwork recovery mod from here.
    2) After that connect your mobile to PC and copy the downloaded file to the external memory of your phone.
    3) Next disconnect your phone from computer and allow your phone to enter into the recovery mode.
    4) Once you entered into the recovery mode, copy your downloaded zip file from the external memory and allow it to install on your phone.
    5) After successful installation, go back and select the Reboot system now option.
    That’s it.

  14. Plz help me I want to update my phone Samsung galaxy y update plzplz plz my I’d is ([email protected])

  15. It is too risk.. my device is damaged…!!!!!

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    what hapend !!!
    please answer me…??

  17. mt devic in not starting plz help me

  18. Sir
    there is no network and it say emergency calls only
    plzzzzzzz sir only you can help me now plzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  19. my phone cant reboot again after updating it samsung galaxy young gts360 pls help me

  20. Hi seth, whether the Clockwork Mod Recovery is installed on your phone before implement this procedure on your device. And also is it is factory unlocked?

  21. hi arjun, since many of the users are complaining about the same, i have altered the instructions little bit. So, try again by using that. I hope this time you won’t get any issues.

  22. hi satish why are you not answering the network problem issues after upgrading. i do have the same issue. give a solution immediately.

  23. Avtarvirk says:


  24. subhankar says:

    hey admin, can u pls help me to find out a Cynozen mode for galaxy y?(android 4.0 )…i want to update my galaxy y with help of ODIN if hv any ida about this pls do let me know.Thanq

  25. Sure, I will do that. Will let you know soon.

  26. how do i remove the update ???

  27. i want to remove my icecream sandwich update!!! help me asap plzz

  28. Hey there, I have accidentally removed some important applications after rooting my gts5360(Ex text input,SNS accounts). Can you help me to recover my device applications.

  29. Just go to Google Play Store and install them.

  30. Deepk prajapati says:

    my samsung galaxy y gt5360 please update now please help me

  31. excuse me sir!
    you need to extract the files or not?

  32. Nope. Don’t extract the files. After downloading, transfer it to your device’s SD card with USB cable in the zip format.

  33. Briton Ben Tenestrante says:

    Thank you very much!!!

  34. You are welcome!

  35. Pranav Pant says:

    No kind of connectivity possible?? Please help!!

  36. After updating the ROM or before update?

  37. Pranav Pant says:

    After updating the ROM, there is no kind of connectivity possible even after checking(ticking) the “Enable TCP/IP Settings” in Developer Mode in the system settings.

  38. Sir, how should i make backup of APN settings

  39. How should i copy the downloaded file on sd card root folder as u have stated in the step 3.???

  40. after updating my android to ics now i am facing a problem of network.there is no network available in my mobile after updating.there is an another problem too i.e., no applications are available in the menu it says no external sd card is available before updating i have maked backup of all the applications and APN settings too but now i am not able to reinstall all the backups i made.
    help me out of these problems or otherwise tell me the way to reinstall my previous version i.e., android 2.3.6v gingerbread.

  41. why r u not replying……….????give me the solution of that prblm. or otherwise give me the way to remove this cyanogen mode it is totaly irritating……me.

  42. I will provide a tutorial for flashing stock ROM soon.

  43. Connect your device to the computer and then transfer it!

  44. Beladel Ilyes Abdelrazak says:

    Me too, I have tried many Android versions but no results.

  45. I also have updated my galaxy y gt s5360 android v2.3.6 to ICS…now i have degraded it again to 2.3.6 …all u have to do is to go to the mobile repair centre, their they will degrade it to the original one.

  46. After updating its the major problem,after udating it will lock the sim card and displays no network.
    If u want to degrade your ICS to the original one i.e., v2.3.6 then u have to go to mobile repair centre where they will degrade your phone to v2.3.6 again & u will overcome to the problem of network, camera, sd card etc….

  47. Always it is the problem of network and there is no solution of this except this one … U have to degrade ur phone back to its original android version to do this u have to go to mobile repair centre they will degrade ur phone ….back to the original one

  48. Go to the mobile repair centre their they will degrade ur phone to the original one…

  49. If u have to overcome these prblms then u have to degrade it back to the original one to do this u have to go to the mobile repair centre ….tell ur prblm there they will degrade it…

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  52. using custom roms IMEI no of device will dameged . to restore this download file & using recovery mode select update from sd card & select file.

  53. sathyaNK says:

    How to partition the SD card after rooting?
    Is there any app for that?

  54. Mahesh Bhandge says:

    After updating its the major problem,after udating it will lock the sim card and displays no network.

  55. Mahesh Bhandge says:

    I also have updated my galaxy y gt s5360 android v2.3.6 to ICS…
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  58. Sathish says:

    Just follow the process given here.

  59. Emmanuel says:

    Pls u said ” 5. In the ClockworkMod recovery, open the mount and storage. ” but from there where do u go or what do u after that…..because there are also options there and im confused